A compliant e-invoicing (Fatoorah) software

While e-invoicing is the buzz word in Saudi, it is important to understand the reasons, sources and advantages of e-invoicing for your Business.
Accqrate, a complete Business software, is enabled with e-Invoicing (Fatoorahsoftware solution. Accqrate offers e-invoicing generation, storage of data in cloud, archiving all documents for references and provides a comprehensive one stop solution for the Business needs. The e-invoicing software has been approved by ZATCA

What is e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia?

Many of the Businesses already use e-invoicing but they don’t use the buzz word. Based on the internal survey, most of the micro, small and medium businesses use excel based invoices. This is already a digital invoice and not any more handwritten. If the template can be made compliant with the ZATCA norms, this can act as e-invoice for the first phase. But this may not be enough on a long run especially when going in for phase 2 in which the invoice transmissions and approval must happen by ZATCA. So, it is advisable to implement a simple e-invoicing software to stay compliant and avoid penalties.

In short, e-invoicing software needs are

  • Create digital invoices
  • Comply to standard with QR code
  • Store and retrieve invoices anytime anywhere for auditing purposes
  • Avoid manual errors in calculations
  • Enable invoice transmission to ZATCA

To get a feel, you can try a free e- invoice software in the below link

E-Invoicing software in Accqrate offers,

  • Set up your numbering series
  • Generate e-invoices in a 3 clicks – Customer, material, price
  • Automatically embedded QR Code
  • Generate tax invoices or simplified invoices
  • Customize templates in few minutes with your logo or colour
  • List of all invoice related tasks like payments, follow up, outstanding status
  • Send the invoice to your customer in one click
  • Embedded intelligence in the software will deduct errors and offers corrections
  • Approve e-invoices and in one click send to ZATCA (GAZT)
  • Define roles, access rights and permissions to your Team
  • Automatic archiving in our Document Management for future references

Start e-invoicing with Accqrate in few easy steps

If you do not have any e-invoicing software and using excels now,

  • Register your Company in Accqrate
  • Create your Customers or upload from excel
  • Create your Products or upload from excel
  • Generate e-invoices
  • Transmit to ZATCA

If you are using another software and want to enable e-invoicing,

  • Register your Company in Accqrate
  • Upload your invoices in an excel
  • Generate e-invoices
  • Transmit to ZATCA

E-invoicing process flow in Accqrate

  • Seller input the information for e-invoice
  • Accqrate checks the data validation and compliance
  • Creates the E-invoice with numbering series and unique id
  • Accqrate embeds the QR code
  • Seller checks and transmits the e-invoice to ZATCA
  • Accqrate converts the invoice to machine readable format as XML
  • Sends the e-invoices to ZATCA through web services
  • ZATCA records the e-invoices and sends the response back to Accqrate
  • Accqrate updates the e-invoice status as accepted or rejected
  • Seller checks the rejected e-invoices and takes action
  • Seller sends the accepted invoices to the Buyer
  • Buyer receives the invoice and checks the QR Code
  • Scans the QR code with ZATCA mobile app
  • ZATCA authenticates the receipt of the invoice from the seller to the buyer
  • Buyer approves and initiates payment

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