5 key steps to choose right zatca approved e-invoicing software in Saudi Arabia


Small business success and growth in Saudi Arabia depends on taking important decision at right time and implement the same in hassle free manner. Integrating and improving the business process is one of the key decision in this new digital era.

As part of the digitalization, the tax authority of Saudi Arabia, Zakat, made an important decision, after 4th of December 2021, to implement e-invoicing system for all businesses.

In order to get the complete benefits of e-invoicing for your business to grow, you have to choose right “Zatca approved e-invoicing software”.

Here are the 6 key important steps to follow before choosing right e-invoicing software for your business.

1. E-invoices that comply with Zatca Requirements:

For phase I, the e-invoicing software that you are selecting should comply with Zatca guidelines with generation of QR code and archive those invoices automatically.

For phase II, the e-invoicing software should seamlessly integrate with zatca system to send your invoices. This means that the software should be cloud based solution as well as based on latest technology so that it can adapt and scale to the needs in future.

2. Integrate with all your Business Functions:

While you are selecting e-invoice software for your business in Saudi Arabia you should keep in mind that the software should be flexible enough and easy to integrate with your other business functions such as Sales, Purchase, Marketing and HR etc. In this way you can easily switch to any ERP process in future so that your business will grow without much cost implications.

3. Easy to integrate with existing application:

The e-invoice software should be easily integrate with your current accounting software or any other application which includes accounting, VAT, inventory, payroll etc., without much trouble. This will lead to greater collaboration of your Business processes to achieve organization goal as your account payable focuses mainly on invoice processing.

4. Simple to deploy:

The e-invoicing software should be selected in such a way that it should be deployed in simple 4 to 5 steps to get final invoice output. The provider should closely work with you with detailed roll-out plan and ensure that all necessary training methodology are made available.

5. Pricing:

This is an important factor which will make or break the agreement. It is always necessary to review carefully the price structure of the e-invoicing software solution which should justify the scale of the business. Small business owners with 5 or less invoicing per month can consider even going for free e-invoicing software solution provider.


Changing e-invoicing solution provider to Zatca compliance e-invoicing software or implementing new e-invoicing software is not an easy task. The above criteria will surely help to identify right e-invoicing software for your business.

In the fast changing environment in KSA it is important that the business need to adapt quickly to these digital changes over time. Accqrate e-invoicing software is one of the best e-invoicing software in Saudi Arabia for small and medium business owners to adapt the changing business environment digitally.

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